Channel Manager

channel manager

Using our powerful Channel Manager you can manage all your booking portals which sell your rooms in an easy, quick and automatic way.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface with every change in the tariffs, availability or restrictions on Channel Manager, in a few seconds, the system will automatically notify the variations to all the associated distribution channels.

It offers a vast network of volume-producing, branded, popular, tour-operator, specialist, discount and niche online travel agents (OTAs) as well as advertising, e-commerce, marketing and social channels.

Update real time inventory & pricing through a single click with maximum revenue returns & efficiency.

Benefits of Channel Manager

  • Real-time Availability, Rate & Inventory (ARI) updates across channels from a single user interface.

  • Change rates & availability across selected days / room types/ websites instantly with your pre-set configuration.

  • Close out and open availability across all websites with one click.

  • Built-in rules for each extranet - automatic adherence to each site’s capabilities and restrictions.