Our Latest SEO Observation for Hotels & Tourism

16th Aug 2016 SEO

Do you receive these SEO emails every day? They don’t even look at your website properly and still they send out generic emails hoping for a response. Many of our clients asks us about these emails and how reliable they are, I think it will be a good idea to share some insights on how SEO works and what you can do improve your rankings.

We have achieved good amount of experience from working with the hotel and tourism industries.

Till Date we have designed and developed hundreds of Hotel and tourism websites and we have understood what is required to make a hotel website SEO ready. We follow our predefined standards while developing these websites to put them straight into the competition.

  1. The Very First Step (on-page SEO)

Such as page titles, headings, Meta data etc (already hard-coded into all of our sites)

  1. Unique Content (add regular and unique content)
  • Landing Pages (niche areas i.e. weddings, events etc.)
  • What’s on (events)
  • Local Attractions (tourism attractions, destinations, sightseeing)
  • Images & Video ( interior – exterior – surrounding )
  • Guest Reviews
  • Specials
  • Blog (unique and regular articles of interest)
  • FAQ’s
  1. Visitors (increase flow to site)

Email Campaigns – Google Ad words – Social Media Advertisement – Email Signature – Viral campaigns – Permission Marketing: these are the most preferred and successful ways to get biggest spike on your website’s monthly traffic.

  1. Off Page SEO (Build the network)

Increase the incoming links to your website. Blogs, business / local listing directories and social media can prove handy on this.

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